A Learning Space When You Don’t Have One

The Pod has been ‘designed for learning’. It’s an adaptable and scalable solution to deliver teaching and testing to any location. They are used by many leading UK organisations in the public and private sectors. We are a key supplier to the NHS and to date over 15,000 delegates have been trained onboard our pods at Trusts across England.

Features include…

  • 12 hi-spec PCs and monitors
  • Large 52” screen presentation
  • Training and presentation tools
  • Fully climate controlled
  • Small footprint – 4 car park spaces
  • Simply connect to your local network
  • Easily moved in any emergency
  • Book from a week to a year

Every aspect of the set-up is cared for by our operations team, which provides reliable 24/7 support, and has over 10 years of experience deploying training and testing rollouts across the UK.

If your project requires frequent moves to different locations we have a self-driven solution. Please contact us for more details.